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Each dashboard provides a view of the data configured in it in the form of metrics and indicators. And it’s intended for a specific audience like an engineering team, a leadership board, or a technical support department. However, there are different perspectives to that dashboard if the user (who is viewing it) wants to highlight the metrics and indicators by client, project, or another concept.

A Dynamic Filter is personal and customized to a specific user, so the filter will be saved, and the dashboard will filter the same view the next time that user opens it.

Dynamic Filter

In the top bar of the dashboard, you find the “Filters” option that opens the Dynamic Filter bar. You can select projects, types, statuses, assignees, and/or free text to filter the gadgets in the dashboard dynamically.

To clear the selection of filters, just click “Clear”, and all the selected options will be removed.

While the Dynamic Filter bar is open, the gadgets affected by the current filter are highlighted by a blue border, so it’s easier to understand the scope of the filters:

The highlighted gadgets indicate that the current filter affects them.

Individually filtered gadgets

In case the user wants to filter only a sub-set of gadgets when hovering a filtered gadget, a toggle “Filter” appears. If you disable it, the content of that gadget won’t be affected by the Dynamic Filter:

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