Add and Configure Gadgets


We already learnt in that gadgets are the main components of a dashboard. They are in charge of displaying the information using the best metaphor to visualize it.

The common elements to all gadgets are:

  • Name. Where you describe what it is about, so that everyone can understand it with a quick glance. Try to be precise and concise, and not too verbose. Sometimes it’s useful to indicate the datasource, for example, for those cases where you connect to different Jira instances.

  • Datasource. This is the source of truth, the origin of the data. Review if you haven’t done it yet.

Configure gadgets

First of all, you need to enter in edition mode, for doing so, click on the Edit button in the right top navigation bar.

  1. Click on the to open the configuration menu, or click on the Config button.

  2. Name your gadget.

  3. Select a datasource, default for the current instance, or any other (see

Now, depending on the gadget datasource, you’ll see different configuration options. Some of the require you to indicate a project, a board, a sprint, a queue, a time period…

The last option before clicking on Save, is common to all gadgets “Use this setting to configure empty compatible gadgets”. If you enable this toggle, all the gadgets with a compatible configuration will be configured equally, so you spend less time doing it

Finally, click Save.

Add gadgets

In the edition mode, remember, click on the Edit button in the right top navigation bar, you’ll see new controls in the middle of the top navigation bar:

  1. Click on the add gadget button to open the gadgets catalog menu (see for a complete list of available gadgets).

  2. Access the set of gadgets available for each of the provided integrations (see for a complete list of available integrations), select the one you want to add to the current dashboard.

  3. Fill the configuration settings and click Add.

Arrange gadgets

In the edition mode (click on the Edit button in the right top navigation bar) you can drag and drop gadgets to a new location within the dashboard panel.

You can also resize gadgets to increase or decrease the space they occupy with the layout. Click and drag the bottom right corner.

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